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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Recipe repeats!

I have been appalling with blogging the last couple of months - end of second year at university means a lot of assignments and exams, but I still struggle to find the time even though these are all over now! I have also been cooking/baking a lot of the same things that are already on here and it would be a bit pointless to post them again. I have a couple of new recipes to put up in the near future, but this summer I am hoping to get back into experimenting with new recipes for dinners and get back into doing a lot of baking, so watch this space for some delicious recipes. I want to try out different tapas dishes too so keep checking back over summer. I am going to Morocco in a week so may be inspired by some dishes there too!

I thought I would post just add some recipe repeats in here because they are particularly good:

1. Chocolate smartie squares
These are so easy to make, absolutely delicious and look really cute.

2. Homemade pizza - dough and all!
These are our two favourite toppings - parma ham and mushroom with parsley and parmesam, and goats cheese and red onion - delicious!

This is the recipe I always use for the sponge and buttercream, only this time, these cupcakes that I made at Easter had lemon juice in both the sponge and the icing for a sweet tang. I also made chocolate ones as well.

Hope these give you some inspiration :)

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