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Friday, 13 April 2012

Buttercream truffles

 Leftover buttercream? The way I see it is that you now have two options - either freeze the buttercream and defrost within a couple of months to use again on cakes, or make some deliciously mouth-watering truffles! (Throwing it away is not an option...) I made a very chocolatey, chocolate finger cake for my friend's birthday the other day with chocolate frosting - the recipe is here. I had quite a bit leftover so decided to have some fun making truffles. Be warned - they can be very rich and sickly, so make them small and only have a couple at a time! The truffles look so cute and way more difficult than they are so they are bound to impress - perfect for any celebration or party.
Oh, and I hope you noticed my new plate (yay) from Matalan, I love the pattern it matches my wallpaper!

- leftover buttercream (can be any flavour) click here to find my chocolate buttercream recipe
- dark chocolate 
- decorations (I used sprinkles and chocolate crunch balls)

1. Make sure the buttercream is really cold from the fridge. This can get quite messy as the buttercream will begin to go soft when you start to handle it (try and make sure your hands are cold first)
2. Gently shape the buttercream into small balls with your fingertips and place on a plate. Put in the freezer for about 20 minutes so they harden and go cold.
3. Melt some dark chocolate and roll each ball in, fishing out with a fork. Place the chocolate covered buttercream balls onto a tray with grease-proof paper on.
4. Immediately decorate with sprinkles or whatever you prefer before the chocolate hardens. If you want to drizzle white chocolate over, or dust with cocoa powder, there isn't as much of a hurry! Have fun with this, experiment with different decorations.

Enjoy :)

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