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Monday, 16 April 2012

Smoked salmon pitza

Try this for a flavoursome, light lunch! I called it a pitza as it's pizza style, but uses pitta bread instead. I made this for lunch today because I wanted something more exciting than just a boring smoked salmon sandwich. This is super simple and it looks and tastes great too; everyone knows smoked salmon and cream cheese is a match made in heaven! If you want this for dinner instead of lunch, then you could fry up some onions to add on top, make a big salad to go with it, and have two pitza's instead of just one! You're probably thinking ah but smoked salmon is so expensive - but it doesn't have to be! It tastes just as good when defrosted from the freezer, so look out for deals on smoked salmon (they often do really good quality packs for half price) and buy them even if you don't want to eat it asap. Or, if you're a student like me, then buying Tesco value smoked salmon trimmings is amazing! If I remember correctly it is only around 90p, and although there is the odd grey bit and fish bone, it really isn't bad at all. Trimmings are perfect for topping on pizza, adding to scrambled egg and salads etc.

Serves 1
- 1 large wholemeal pitta
- large dollop of cream cheese (I used Sainsbury's light soft cheese)
- sprinkling of mixed herbs
- smoked salmon, cut into strips
- cucumber, sliced

Spread the cream cheese on a toasted pitta, sprinkle on herbs and top with smoked salmon. Serve with cucumber.

Enjoy :)

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