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Monday, 13 January 2014

Juice Plus Complete shakes

Just a quick post about Juice Plus Complete vanilla shakes which I've tried for the first time today, and wanted to share with you what they are and why I've decided to try them.

Juice Plus Complete 'provides all the nutritional elements of a whole meal; a balanced mix of carbs, proteins and fats as well as dietary fibre and vitamins and minerals'.

I decided to try these Juice Plus shakes due to a friends recommendation, and am using them as a nutritional supplement and for pre or post-workout recovery since the powder contains a good amount of protein, calcium, zinc and all other great vitamins and minerals. I will probably also add it to a home-made smoothie for a nutritional boost and to make the shake taste nicer and last longer!

For those of you wanting to lose some weight in the new year - Juice Plus shakes can also be used for weight control, by replacing a meal with a shake (they come in chocolate flavour as well!) I know a number of people who have successfully lost weight using Juice Plus as a meal replacement whilst eating healthily and staying active.

I will keep you updated with my thoughts on the shakes - so far they seem good as a motivational thing for me where it encourages me to eat healthy and eat clean, to give my health a boost and as a post-gym shake to replenish my energy levels. I will also have a Juice Plus Complete smoothie recipe up soon so keep checking back if you are interested!

(p.s. don't worry this food blog has not turned into a health freaks blog - I will still be posting a range of recipes!)


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