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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Smoked salmon, spinach & blue cheese toastie

Treat yourself to a crisp, toasted sandwich oozing with blue cheese, soft smoked salmon & spinach
For 1 toastie
- 2 slices of good quality bread (wholemeal seeded is my favourite)
- butter
- creamy blue cheese (whichever you prefer)
- few slices of smoked salmon
- handful of fresh spinach leaves
The smellier the ingredients, the better
1. Turn your toastie maker on, and generously butter each slice of bread.
2. When fully heated, place one slice of bread, butter-side down, into the toastie maker. Top with as much blue cheese as you would like, then layer on the smoked salmon. Finish off with the spinach, and then the other slice of bread butter-side facing up.
3. Pull the lid down on the toastie machine and leave to toast for a couple of minutes, then serve hot!
Enjoy :)

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