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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Brie and bacon on fresh, rustic bread

 A delicious Mother's Day breakfast! We are lucky to have a bread machine - my mum prepares the mixes and puts the machine on before bed so it is ready in time for the morning. This is a rustic loaf, half wholemeal half white flour and is so delicious. There is nothing like fresh bread, I seriously recommend getting a bread machine if you love soft, fluffy bread with a crispy crust, and don't want to be rushing to the supermarkets at opening time! I will not put the recipe for the bread on here as if you have a bread machine, it comes with a series of recipes and instructions, and this is where this recipe came from. I decided to finish off the bacon and open a fresh pack of brie to melt on top of the bread and it was yummy as anticipated. Quick and simple but thought I would share anyway if you were ever stuck for breakfast, brunch or lunch ideas!

1. Simply slice the fresh bread and butter it, dry-fry the streaky bacon in a pan until crisp all over, and place on top of the bread.
2. Cut slices of brie and place on top of the bacon on the bread, and grill until the brie has melted.
Enjoy :)

I made a tiramisu cake yesterday for mother's day today so will post the recipe for that later today - it looks and smells delicious can't wait to taste it and share it with you! We are going for lunch/dinner at my sister's today for a Chinese-style feast - she is roasting pork belly with sweet chilli sauce and a noodle stir fry mmm. I may take pictures and post the recipes but not sure yet, check back soon!

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