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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Toad in the hole

As much as I love Italian food, nothing beats some of the classic British dishes like toad in the hole, shepherds pie, and beef wellington! This recipe worked really well for me, I had never made my own toad in the hole before so was worried the batter wouldn't rise or wouldn't be cooked in the middle, but it was perfect. I used Tesco light choices sausages because they're way less fat and taste exactly the same to me - if not better!? It would be best served with creamy mash, vegetables and onion gravy. I used meat gravy granules and added fried onion - it's not the same as freshly made but was still delicious.
(Warning: this is a really filling meal, so maybe not a good idea as part of a 3-course!)

Serves 2
- 2 large eggs
- 125g plain flour
- 150ml milk
- 150ml cold water
- salt & pepper
- 4 sausages
- 2 tbsp oil or butter

1. Fry the sausages until browned all over (don't prick the skins), and allow to cool
2. Beat the eggs in a bowl and add the milk and water, mixing well - set aside
3. Sift the flour into a large bowl and season. Make a well in the centre and gradually whisk in the liquid mixture until you have a smooth batter with no lumps - rest for 15 mins
4. Pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees/gas mark 6. Put the oil/butter in a deep baking tin and place in the oven
5. When the fat is sizzling, remove from the oven and pour in the batter mixture
6. Add the sausages parallel to each other and place back in the oven - bake for 30 minutes or until the batter has puffed up and is golden brown and crispy
7. Serve with potatoes of your choice (buttery, parsley mash would be best!), vegetables and onion gravy.

Enjoy :)

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