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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

What I Ate Wednesday

I don't normally do this type of post but I really enjoy reading What I Ate Wednesday posts and looking at what other people eat throughout the day, so I thought I would give it a go and see if you find it interesting/helpful!

I have this most days - a cup of mango & passion fruit green tea, and a bowl of branflakes with milled linseed mix, raisins, sultanas & cranberries mix, pumpkin seeds and skimmed milk.

Today was strange - I nearly always have a banana or some sort of snack between breakfast and lunch (I have to eat every 2-3 hours or I get so hungry), but I had an early lunch instead. It was a tuna mayo sandwich with spinach leaves, in Hovis wholemeal seed sensations bread - the best bread ever!

I have recently discovered these Belvita strawberry & yogurt wholegrain breakfast biscuits and they are amazing for an energy boost throughout the day and taste so yummy! I would never survive off one of these for breakfast though... and of course I had my usual banana right before I went in the gym.
 After the gym I always have a Juice Plus shake, I have the vanilla one and just fill it up with water at the gym so I can have it straight after my workout. It is so so good for rehydrating after a workout, I just feel so energised after drinking this and won't feel hungry for a while after (although I do find that this is because a workout just gives me more energy anyway). This shake will give me some good nutrients and help repair my muscles etc as it has quite a high protein content. It definitely stops any post-workout-shakes too, from low blood sugar levels or overworked muscles!
 I also had a multi-seed Ryvita thin with some tzatziki while I was cooking my dinner but I forgot to take a photo of this...

I cooked something new tonight, inspired by a Sainsbury's recipe card it's spaghetti with bacon, garlic, peas, spinach, cheddar cheese and a poached egg. It was amazing!! So delicious - keep checking back for the recipe as I will be posting it soon.
 And of course, I cannot go a day without some sort of chocolatey treat and tonight it was some Galaxy cookie crumble chocolate mmm. The honeycomb one is also amazing!

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